Hello world!

Hello world indeed!  and a very warm hello from me on my first ever blog post!

It’s a funny thing about us ADDers, (  aka people with ADHD/ADD for those wondering what I’m talking about) but sometimes coming to a decision can take longer than doing the thing we are actually trying to make a decision about!

I’ve been erming and ahhing over setting up a blog post for a few weeks now, and thinking about the whys and wherefores, and what to do, and what to write, and who shall I get to host it and what software etc etc.

Then this afternoon I made a decision to just go for it and literally in about 15 minutes, it was all done! What ! Yes, it really was that simple!

Of course , writing the actual words is taking me a tad longer than that, but the interface was up & running, ready & waiting to receive my words, whatever they might be. So I thought I would just tell everyone who may be considering, and cogitating on this very same issue, i.e. setting up a blog post, that no it’s not difficult, and yes it may well if you are anything like me, take longer to think about than it takes to do it.

I hope you will take heart from my experience, and if you need to know which blogging platform I am using look no further than the bottom of this page:)

That’s all for now, and I’ll be posting another very soon,

Until then,

Take care,

ADHD Coach Anna

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