Feeling Fantastic! – week 2

WEEK TWO                                         

Day one (day eight of the programme)

I have changed my mind about what to do in this second week. While researching breathing I again came across a series of techniques developed by a Russian called Buteyko. The first time around I was interested but too involved in following up self-regulation techniques to really go into it in any depth. I have had asthma on and off since I was a child, and have been having regular testing at the doctors for my breathing for years. However, no one’s ever mentioned these kinds of techniques for the treatment of asthma. I was given inhalers, and then they test my lung capacity in an annual review; what’s known as peak flow. They have never inquired into how much oxygen I am getting in my blood, or what’s happening to the carbon dioxide levels.

It would seem that a large amount of health problems can be caused by breathing with an open mouth, and since I read about it of discovered that yes, I have been an open mouth breather a lot of the time. Partly believing I would get more air when I felt breathless, and maybe that’s just the way I am made. Hard to tell at my time of life, because habits get so ingrained throughout our adult years.

One of the symptoms is cold hands and feet, something I’ve always suffered from, on and off, particularly in childhood, and very noticeably recently. In short, I have decided to give this method a try. I have bought a book about it and looked at the online website

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